University of Michigan EARTH eNews: October 2019

Dear Alumni and Friends,
As you can see from the smiling group below, the Camp Davis Reunion was a grand success. We will plan to get together like this more often. Every graduating class spreads out across the globe, taking a bit of the Department with them. While Ann Arbor may lose them, their contributions to the world resound - and their ongoing support of our students and programs makes it possible for another generation to join the Michigan EARTH family.

Sincerely, Adam Simon and Kacey Lohmann

Camp Davis 90th Anniversary and Reunion

Alumni and friends of Camp Davis and many of their families gathered for five days in August to reminisce about their Camp experience, reconnect with old friends, and enjoy the benefits of a spectacular landscape. In addition to hikes, horseback riding, stargazing, and rafting trips, guests were treated to presentations on sustainability and geology.

The event was an opportunity to showcase our new student cabins and improved Camp infrastructure. While the passing of the old “tin shacks” was sad for many, as one alumnus said: “Nostalgia won’t keep you warm at night."

We were fortunate to interview a few alumni as part of our ongoing effort to preserve the history of Camp Davis and the Department. Excerpts of that material will begin to appear on social media and the Department website in a few months. A big thank you to those who were able to contribute. If we didn’t get to you at the reunion, or you were unable to attend and would like to include your stories in the history project, please get in touch with Dale Austin. (

Finally, we thank all those who attended, the staff and faculty who organized the event, and all who have worked to make Camp Davis what it is. We are fortunate as a department for our alumni and friends who support our students and programs through financial contributions, mentoring, and career assistance.

Photo: Dale Austin, 2019

Networking Event with Bob Mahin

EARTH graduate student Jackie Wrage organized and hosted Bob Mahin, exploration manager at the Eagle Cu-Ni mine in Marquette, MI and a Fellow of the Society of Economic Geologists, for a two-day career networking event with undergraduate and graduate students. Bob discussed the importance of resume writing, interview preparation, cover letters, networking, and the variety of environmental, geology and regulatory jobs in the mining industry.
Photo: Bob Mahin with EARTH students.

Career Panel Opportunity

EARTH graduate students organized and hosted a career panel where faculty engaged with current postdocs and graduate students to discuss the job application process, faculty search criteria, and early preparation for academia. This event is one of many the graduate students will hold during the academic year, including virtual career panels that allow our alumni and friends from around the globe to engage with students here on campus. Stay tuned for more announcements and please email us if you are interested in participating.

Alumni News

Congratulations to alumna Andrea Dutton (PhD 2003) who received a MacArthur Foundation award. Andrea is a geochemist and paleoclimatologist reconstructing sea levels and ice sheet changes during earlier periods of global warming on Earth.

To read more visit the MacArthur Foundation.

Photo: John D. & Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, 2019

Faculty News

Professor Adam Simon and alumnus Dexter Perkins (MS 1977, PhD 1979) along with colleagues Kevin Henke and Lance Yarbrough published a new textbook EARTH MATERIALS: Components of a Diverse Planet. This book looks at all the diverse inorganic components that make up our planet. The text is written in an engaging and conversational style intended for use in introductory to advanced courses that look at Earth as a system, possibly being used in multiple sequential courses.

Available from CRC Press

Mark Your Calendars - Giving Blueday December 3, 2019

The Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences will once again be participating in the annual day of giving, Tuesday December 3rd. We encourage both first-time and regular donors to make a contribution to the Department on this day. There will be opportunities for matching funds and hourly challenges throughout the day. More information will be provided through social media and our department website, as well as future eNewsletters.

More news, events, and general interest articles can be found on the department web site. You can follow the field trips, research, and Camp Davis on Twitter and Instagram

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