University of Michigan EARTH eNews: January 2018

Dear Alumni and Friends,
We wish each of you a Happy New Year and hope you enjoyed time with your family and friends during the holiday season. Here in Ann Arbor, the Winter term is underway and students are actively seeking internships and jobs for the summer. Please see the top blurb below that provides a wonderful way for you, our alumni and friends, to meaningfully engage with our students, our future alumni, as they navigate the often opaque process of finding an internship or job. As always, we welcome news from our alumni and friends. Please email us and let us know what you're up to, and if you have any news you would like to share.

Sincerely, Adam Simon and Kacey Lohmann

More news, events, and general interest articles can be found on the department web site. You can follow the field trips, research, and Camp Davis on Twitter and Instagram

University Career Alumni Network
Dear Alumni,

Our students' greatest concern is what they will do after graduation. No one can address their concerns better than you--an alumnus/a who has made this transition and has work-world experiences and knowledge to share.

The University Career Center has launched a new platform -- the University Career Alumni Network (UCAN) --​ that enables students to connect with alumni/ae like you for tips and advice on career-related topics. Please join the thousands of alumni participating in the system and sharing their invaluable insights and understanding of the Michigan experience through informational interviews with current students. These phone conversations are helping students evaluate, prepare, and successfully compete for work-related opportunities (e.g., internships / professional school / full-time employment).

Join here:

Participation is easy! You can import your LinkedIn profile or complete the UCAN profile, outline your availability, and conduct your informational interviews in the time frame agreed upon between you and the students. (And you can control the number of student requests you receive each month.) That's all it takes and there are students waiting to obtain your advice, so please join today!

We greatly appreciate your willingness to give back to the University by supporting our current students. Thank you for continuing the U-M legacy.

Chris Poulsen
Chair, Earth and Environmental Sciences

Dissertation Defenses
Our graduate students have been busy since our last eNew. We’d like to congratulate the following who successfully defended their dissertations:

Chenghuan Guo, on November 28, 2017
Title: Multicomponent Diffusion in Basaltic Melts

Advisor: Youxue Zhang


Joseph El Adli, on December 5, 2017
Title: Reproductive Life Histories of Mammoths

Advisor: Daniel C. Fisher


Yi Niu, on December 7, 2017
Title: Applications of Noble Gases in Hydrogeology in Fractured, Fast Infiltration Systems — From the Greenland and Columbia Ice Sheets to Hawaii

Advisor: M. Clara Castro


Kyle Meyer, on December 8, 2017
Title: Novel Paleoclimate and Paleoenvironmental Applications of Stable and Radiogenic Isotope and Elemental Geochemistry from the Holocene through the Cretaceous

Advisor: Kacey Lohmann


Katharine Loughney, on January 4, 2018
Title: Taphonomy and Paleoenvironments of the Middle Miocene Barstow Formation, Mojave Desert, California

Advisor: Catherine Badgley


Benjamin Gebarski, on January 5, 2018
Title: The Electronic and Atomic Structure of Actinide Contaminants at the Mineral-Fluid Interface

Advisor: Udo Becker


Alumni News
Devapriya Chattopadhyay (PhD, 2009) is featured in a recent article in The Wire. The article focuses on Devapriya's leadership of a team of palaeobiologists who brave through the remote Kutch region looking for answers in the fossil record that can help shed light on mass extinction at the end of the Cenozoic.

Professor Emeritus Henry Pollack and Lana Pollack recently visited alumnus Steve Henry and Krys Swirydczuk in Santa Fe and they went on a field trip to the Plaza Blanca, which was the subject of a Georgia O’Keeffe painting. The four had a wonderful time exploring the hoodoos, which were formed by fluvial reworking of pryoclastics deposits. They also reported that it was rather cold day!

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