University of Michigan EARTH eNews: April 2018

Dear Alumni and Friends,
Happy Spring! We woke up on April 17 to an IRS server that could not accept tax payments and a whiteout that blanketed Ann Arbor with snow. Ahh, just another April in Michigan. Here, we highlight some recent field trips and undergraduate research experiences. As always, we welcome news from our alumni and friends. Please email us and let us know what you're up to, and if you have any news you would like to share.

Sincerely, Adam Simon and Kacey Lohmann

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Michigan Geophysical Union 2018
On April 4, 2018 students from EARTH, Climate and Space Sciences and Engineering, Chemistry, and Astronomy students met in the Michigan League to share their ongoing research.

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EARTH 467 Field Trip
Professor Naomi Levin and a group of students spent the April 14 weekend looking into the geology and stratigraphy of Ordivician and Siliurian rocks in western Ohio. The trip was a culmination of the skills they learned in EARTH 467 (Stratigraphy and Basin Analysis) this semester and focused on making direct observations of sedimentary sequences to evaluate depositional environments and basin evolution.

On the way south, the group stopped to examine the Greenfield Dolomite at the top of the sequence and tried to make sense of the low-lowing mounds exposed on the bedding surface along the Maumee River in Side Cut Metropark. Everyone else along the river was taking advantage of the good fishing and had no interest in the 430 Ma rocks. (Picture by Nikolas Midttun)

On the second day, the group got up early to beat the midday rains and spent the morning measuring multiple stratigraphic sections in Oakes Quarry Park, east of Dayton, to characterize temporal and lateral variation in the lower Siliurian Brassfield Formation. This part of the section was chock full of fossils (e.g., crinoids, brachiopods, corals, bryoazons, sponges, molluscs, and trace fossils). The group didn't need signs to find the fossils but this group photo seems appropriate in the context of topics on relative age dating that the students tackled earlier in the semester. (Picture by Meg Veitch) 

Maryland Structural Geology Field Trip
Professor Ben van der Pluijm got lucky again on the 3-day Maryland Appalachians geology fieldtrip with Michigan undergrads (and a 5 grads support team). Cold, but the 2-4" of snow never came. Great group and all sites accessible, even with 6 minivans. We saw great structures, had nice group meals, and luxurious Super8 lodging. Group photo on day 3 at the NW-stepping ramp anticline (or fault-bend fold) of Willis Mountain, that is marked by ridge-forming Silurian sandstone/quartzite. (Picture by Nikolas Midttun)

Sustainability at UM
Professor Adam Simon and six undergraduate students presented results of a year long investigation into realistic ways that the University of Michigan can reduce its scopes 1 and 2 greenhouse gas emissions by using renewable energy on and off campus. Simon organized the conference with colleagues from the UM Energy Institute and the Office of Campus Sustainability.

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